About Me

I started standardized test prep tutoring in 2009 with ACT and SAT prep with one of the larger test prep companies. I quickly added the LSAT to my repertoire as well!

I’ve scored at the 90% percentile and above for these tests and would love to help you get to a top score as well.

I now focus on the LSAT – I think it is a fun and repeatable test. At its foundation, the LSAT requires that you notice the structure, nuance and subtleties inherent in the English language and it tests your understanding of each in three distinct sections – Reading Comprehension, Logical Reasoning and Analytical Reasoning.

Through classes and tutoring I work with students so that they start to see the patterns, common pitfalls and strategies to get to the correct answer throughout the test. Here are some reviews from previous clients:

I highly recommend Katie for LSAT tutoring whether it be 1-1 sessions or even a class.  After Six 1-1 sessions and attending a class instructed by Katie, I have seen tremendous growth in my abilities to perform well on logic games. In each session since day one, I have seen drastic improvement and honestly wished I would have reached out sooner. Katie is a phenomenal tutor! 

J. S.

The tutoring I received has been very beneficial. Upon onset of class I was skeptical of Zoom tailored classes. Not certain if I would receive the same level of instruction as sitting in a classroom. However, I was mistaken. Now I am confident in my overall abilities.

C. J.

I just completed my first 2 hour session with Katie, I have been using numerous books, programs, apps and LawHub. Katie understood the issues that I was having and showed me ways to overcome the struggles I was having with Logic Games. I spend around 400 a month on subscriptions to other web sources for LSAT study and Katies’ unique way of managing problems helped me more in 2 hours than others have helped me in the last month. Having her tutor me was very good money spent. I will be continuing work with Katie until it it test time. Thanks Katie!

E. A.

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Just starting out? Here’s two ways to jump start your LSAT success.

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Let’s jump on a quick zoom call. We can discuss your goals, what you’re scoring now and start to come up with a plan to get you on your way to LSAT success.

    2 hour tutoring

    For so many people a two hour session is the perfect place to start. It’s a great way to access your goals, help you figure out your strengths and weaknesses…

    For so many people a two hour session is the perfect place to start. It’s a great way to access your goals, help you figure out your strengths and weaknesses and start to work through a section or Q type. Even with two hours people see big changes.

    Ready to sign up for multiple sessions?

    The best part about buying a block of hours is not the money you save, but the commitment you’ve made to yourself and to your LSAT success. Students who buy a block are prioritizing studying and their success and are less likely (in my experience) to push off sessions because of work or other life commitments. Studying for the LSAT can be overwhelming and buying multiple hours is a great way for students to get support throughout the journey.

    This is perfect for the person looking for a lot of 1-1 support and wanting to meet once or more a week.