Thanks for checking out my shells! I started painting shells as a hobby in 2021 and all of a sudden people wanted to buy them from me. From there I’ve slowly starting going to popups, meeting lots of vendors and meeting lots of you!

Here are a couple questions people ask me –

Where are they from?

These shells are from around the eastern coast. Some are gifts from friends in their travels, some I’ve ordered especially for painting and some were once part of someone’s dinner. There’s a wide variety of provenance here!

Did you hand paint them?

I paint them all, BUT the intricate detail you see is a decoupage. I’d never heard the term before I started painting shells – it is a very fine paper, like the type you’d find in a cocktail napkin and I’m able to add it to the shells. I also can print designs, images, and monograms and then transfer it over to the shell. Fancy right? But whether you can see it or not, all shells do have a couple layers of paint on them in addition to the golden rim.

About the Shells

Each shell is uniquely shaped! Even ones that are the same species can feel very different from each other. As such, I try to show you what each shell looks like so you can pick the shape and size that most appeals to you. As such, there are less of each “product” but more products overall! If a finished shell doesn’t look almost identical to another one I just create a new product for it so you can know what you’re getting. With that in mind, here they are!